SpotlightBR partners with BRAC to launch Public Relations Campaign through the use of SCVNGR


In my MC 4001 class, my professor, Dr. Jenson Moore-Copple, made it possible for her select students to be the only ones in the U.S. to be working on this project I am about to explain. Me, as well as 17 other students, were given an ongoing grant to use a geolocation-based mobile gaming application, better known as SCVNGR, to promote for Baton Rouge. We will be partnering with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and consulting with Julie Laperouse, director of talent development at BRAC, to promote local businesses and venues. I am so excited to be working on this project and  feel extremely lucky.

SCVNGR is a casual, mobile, social game that is attached to other social media applications. It helps you discover new places and do new exciting things. SCVNGR enables you to have quick interactions at your own casual pace for every day usage to put a little more fun in your life . You may receive rewards for checking in to certain places and maybe get free coffee or ice cream or maybe half off a pizza or beer at a local restaurant or bar.

My group, SpotlightBR, will be promoting specifically the nightlife in Baton Rouge through the use of the SCVNGR application. Our mission is to contribute and improve the expansion efforts of Baton Rouge’s image.The group I will be working with consists of the following people:

  • Alexandria Mouton, Account Liaison: She serves as the primary contact with Laperouse. Mouton will handle the logistics and set up meetings, and take notes at those meetings.
  • Karen Nelson, Strategy Director: Her primary responsibility will be to focus on the development of our campaign strategy for Baton Rouge nightlife. Nelson, along with the rest of us, will think of action and response plans and focus on developing communication strategies that go beyond traditional advertising.
  • Ramon Hardy, Design Director: He will be responsible for the look and feel of all of our campaign material. Hardy will be able to show off his skills in Photoshop and InDesign and brainstorm materials as well as physically create them.
  • And then there is me, Bailey Bigler, Writing Director: My primary responsibility will be based on written communication and to handle the coordination of stories for different media outlets.

Some communication objectives involved with the application are to promote Baton Rouge as an enterprise solution, create social impressions of the community through Facebook and Twitter and also create meaningful interactions with individuals in Baton Rouge.

Here is a glimpse of beautiful downtown Baton Rouge taken on top of the Shaw Center at Tsunami.


So that’s it! Wish us all luck cyber buddies.Thanks so much for reading! Hope this projects sounds as cool as I think it is!

Hasta la vista,

Bailey Bigler

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