The rise of social media motivates BRAC to perform their social duties through SCVNGR


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This picture displays the large generation gap between children and parents today.

Before reading this blog, please watch this quick video. The conversations shown, although they are humorous and over exaggerated, give you a good look at how social media is transforming our world:
A Social Media Cartoon Break

New technology has created a drastic transformation in our society. People now use social media to get their news, talk to their friends and pretty much whatever else they would like to do without having to leave their couch. These recent inventions have started to affect local communities, jobs and overall lifestyles. Before, most families would have one computer in their household. This one computer would maybe have internet access, maybe not. New technology and innovations have evolved so quickly and overwhelmingly overtime that they have started to transform human nature. Now, not only do all of our computers and laptops have internet access, most of all our cell phones include this access too.

Cellular devices have become the main source of communication in our society. These devices do not strictly carry out one specific function. Smartphones are now able to play the role as a map, radio, television, video game- you name it, the list goes on and on.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have access to a cell phone until I was 14 years old. Today, 6-year-old kids not only own cell phones, but iPads and Macbooks as well. Talk about drastic. When I was six, I still got excited to go to Toys R Us and Chuck E. Cheese.


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This was back in my day.


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This is today.

Social Media has gone through several transitions in the last century. From AIM to Myspace to Facebook; now Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr account for some of the highest used social media networks ever made. I’ve included a parody video for the movie, “The Social Network” that previews a comical take on how Facebook got started: The Social Network Trailer Cartoon Parody.


Like I’ve explained before, Baton Rouge Area Chamber and SpotlightBR are using a new type of social media application that is not as wide-spread as the ones I listed before, but still extremely useful. SCVNGR, the geolocation-based mobile gaming application is attached to other apps. SCVNGR is used for geo-tracking and promoting local venues by the use of treks. The two partnering companies are hoping to carry out a successful and effective campaign by using this new, unique social media outlet.

BRAC and SpotlightBR’s main goal is to enhance the attractiveness of Baton Rouge and increase the visibility of this historic and unique city. The “Creative Capital of the South” represents the Baton Rouge area and promotes events through Twitter. If you would like to know more about this organization that celebrates “innovation, research and development, entrepreneurship, arts and culture” in the Baton Rouge area, follow

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CCOTS uses hash tags, a popular and great feature on Twitter, on a daily basis to promote specific events in the area.

Don’t forget to follow @SpotlightBR2013 to keep track of our exciting journey in hopes of making Baton Rouge a better place to live.

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