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3 responses to “2.0 version: three vital components in PR

  1. rsobie1

    Hey Bailey,

    I appreciate your mission to defining each of the three basic components of public relations. Throughout this past blog post, I struggled trying to grasp an understanding of stewardship. There was nothing that caught my eye about the relationship between public relations and stewardship, and then it hit me. Stewardship entitles all public relations professionals to complete a project in a timely manner. You’re brief, yet informative explanation provides a clear, concise definition that everyone can understand.

    The second most important part is our social responsibility. Public relations allows for clear, transparent relationships with clients and the community. Our project with BRAC ( this semester heavily relies on building a positive perception of both the Baton Rouge community and the Manship School of Mass Communication ( We have been granted this extraordinary experience from Dr. Moore, and it is our social responsibility to establish those mutually beneficial relationships you talked about in your blog.

    As young professionals trying to make our way in the world, we must know what we are talking about. You point this out in your blog post, and I think it is something that we all tend to forget now and then. Research, research and research again is vital in the success of public relations. Know your audience and know what you’re talking about to engage your target audience and get them to believe in you.

    Discover Baton Rouge with my public relations firm, Reveal PR. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ReganSobiesk ( I will be tweeting updates as we continue our project with BRAC and SCVNGR. Make sure to keep up with my blog ( as we Uncover BR.

  2. cdarwi2


    I like that you mentioned that stewardship, social responsibility and civic engagement were necessary in all work fields, not just public relations. It is true, no matter what you envision as your future, you must do these three things to see any success. These three
    Your breakdown of stewardship was also extremely well thought-out. I agree when you write how crucial stewardship is to a successful campaign. Stewardship works hand-in-hand with service-learning courses.
    When you discuss civic engagement, I like that your team, Spotlight BR, hopes to increase credibility in your agency. It shows that you don’t only want to get involved in the community but you want to do it in the best way you can. This truly shows a care for the Baton Rouge community. Knowing what you’re talking about through research is the key to credibility.
    I look forward to seeing how Spotlight BR plans to improve nightlife in the Baton Rouge area. My agency, Bengal Communications, is striving to get people out of the main Baton Rouge areas and see all that the outlying areas have to offer. We are also working closely with BRAC to see the success of these efforts. To see our progress, check out our twitter:


    Caroline Darwin
    Bengal Communications

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