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The road with BRAC has ended, but my PR journey has just begun


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I have explained time and time again about how my previous service-learning experiences have helped me to get where I am today. In this blog I want to talk more about my future and how working with BRAC and being in Jensen Moore-Copple’s service-learning course has been a tough yet beneficial experience. I am graduating this December and after getting through this class with the possibility of making an A, I now feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Professional proficiency is all about having up-to-date knowledge and abilities related to your particular field of study. This is achieved and improved through regular and service-learning courses, experience through internships, volunteer groups and organizations and much more. To achieve this proficiency, you must demonstrate this knowledge and these learned skills through your job performance.


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In high school I used to think I was so cool when I was nominated for the homecoming court and they introduced me in front of hundreds of people and listed every single organization I was involved in. The thing is, it’s not about the recognition, it’s not about filling up a resume, its about what you contribute and what you get out of the experience. Yeah, back then I helped out a lot, but I never realized the significance of what I was doing. Now I know that what I have to offer is extremely valuable to many people around the world.

Not only have I learned an extensive amount of skills in Jensen’s class, I have attained even more knowledge from amazing professors like Lisa Lundy, Danny Shipka, Roxanne Dill and so many more. I have gotten experience by writing for with Randy Rosetta and interning with the marketing director, Kristen Hogan, at the YMCA. Even though there is still so much more I need to learn and experience for me to fully demonstrate professional proficiency in PR, I think I have learned enough to switch lanes and move on to big and better things.

Next semester I am taking Jensen’s campaigns class and although I am terrified, I think I am about as prepared as I possibly could be. A lot of this newfound confidence is mostly from working with Julie Laperouse and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. Working with BRAC has really been a huge factor in why I’m not as frightened about working with a real client. I have learned about professionalism and ethics, stewardship, civic engagement and social responsibility. If you’re familiar with my blogs, then you should know what all of these terms mean. Laperouse was very helpful, informative and supportive with the ideas my group, SpotlightBR, came up with.


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SpotlightBR has worked so hard this semester to make this campaign a success. Working with Alex, Karen and Ramon has made me appreciate being able to work with a group. In previous classes, I despised working with others. I have had a lot of experiences when I was put in a group with members who were not willing to contribute, but this semester that was not the case. I think with all we have done we will represent what professional proficiency is all about. I have really enjoyed this class, my professor, our partnership and all of the hard work that has made me a much better person, personally and professionally.

I’m pretty sure Jensen has created a blogging maniac, so this will not be the last you hear from me. Thanks for reading throughout this semester and I hope some of my newfound knowledge has been exciting to hear about.

Also, I thought I’d take another step into the blogging world and make a video to explain to you in person what I have learned over this semester. Enjoy.

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One response to “The road with BRAC has ended, but my PR journey has just begun

  1. Bailey,

    I agree this semester in Dr. Jensen’s class has been challenging yet prepared us for bigger and better opportunities in the public relations world. After working with you this semester I learned that you have so much potential in this field. You are an open minded, hard working and a determined young woman. In December when you graduate you will be ready to tackle the challenges that come your way. I have confidence you have gained experience in your courses and internships to bring a lot to the table when you sit down for an interview with a future employer.

    This course has allowed us to obtain a higher degree of professionalism. It was not taught to us in class. We taught ourselves by experience through our partnership with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. I am sure you can agree that what we learned in our course this semester, we brought to our internships as well.

    I grew a strong passion for writing blogs too. I will be sure to keep reading your blogs so that I may keep in touch as you move on into your career. I would like to keep writing blogs as well. This social media avenue has become a professional outlet in which our future employers will be proud to read.

    I truly enjoyed working with you this semester. We helped each other through the challenges. Our teamwork in our group projects along with our collaboration on other assignments helped us succeed in this course.

    Feel free to follow me on Twitter @alexmariemouton or linkedin at Alexandra Mouton.

    Best of luck to you,

    Alex Mouton

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